Code reviews

Got some code that need a good looking-at? I offer constructive code reviews and software development

Project implementation

I have a soft spot for implementing projects that aim to make the world a better place. Be it health interventions in sub-saharan Africa or optimizations of the Nordic electrical power grid.

Dev. Team lead and process optimization

Managing creative thinkers? Looking to get into DevOps and continuous integration? Let me help you with that!



Having worked with Lemur for several years, they have become one of our preferred partners for assistance with our IT projects due to their consistently high quality code, deeply knowledgeable and flexible approach to systems development.

Karol Fuks
CEO @ Idékompagniet A/S

Emil has a very energetic and goal-oriented attitude to solving challenges, guaranteed to provide your projects with a tour de force of focused energy.

Jakob Ulsdal
IT Consultant @ Tölva Consult

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Emil Rossing

Project Whisperer | Code Connoisseur